My trainer Alex Bunt and I wanted to show you a great full body circuit workout. We do it all the time and now you can try it at home. It's under 30 minutes long, will burn calories, burn fat, and tone muscles all with no equipment needed. Let me know how you do! 

Full Workout: 
Perform each exercise for 30-seconds resting as little as needed between exercises.  
Do 2-4 rounds of this circuit with 2-3 minutes between rounds.
- Burpee x 30-sec
- Step-Through Lunge x 30-sec each leg
- Tall Plank Arm & Leg Raise x 30-sec
- Cross-Behind Lunge x 30-sec
- Superman Hold x 30-sec
- Tuck-Up x 30-sec
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Love, Lindsey 


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