** As with all videos, I'll be posting this on my Twitter. Check there for updates on Latausha Nedd and Trevor Stevens Ford along with other racists and info at @exposes_racism. ** 
#BlackLivesMatter #FYF911 activist Eye Empress Sehkmet aka Latausha Naomi Nedd has been DENIED bond on 3 out of the 4 charges she's facing. 1 charge she seemed a bit confused on is the child cruelty charge in which she REPEATEDLY HIT A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL WITH A BELT AND COMPUTER CORD ALONG WITH USING HER HANDS. THE CHILD SUSTAINED VISIBLE BRUISING AND SWELLING ON HER LOWER BACK, HER BUTT AND LOWER LIP. THE 14 YEAR OLD CHILD IS ALLEGEDLY HER FRIEND'S DAUGHTER. 

 Latausha Nedd tells the judge she doesn't have any children and then has the audacity to ask the judge if he's sure he has the right person cause she doesn't know what he is talking about. It's not like she hasn't lied on camera in the last 24 hours. (sarcasm) So the 7 1/2 minute video of her 1st court appearance is pretty self explanatory. Although I will note that you can tell she's still got a hell of a lot of anger and rage in her as it pours out of her facial expressions along with her eye movement and body language. After watching her posts, tweets and videos over the last few months, I would be extremely worried for any white person and all police officers if she made bond today. But Karma has officially DETHRONED this empress. CHECKMATE! 

I am curious to see how many of her 'black power' friends quickly come to her defense now. Oh and word on the street is Trevor Stevens Ford aka Palmetto Star is now TRYING TO COVER UP THE DEATH THREAT VIDEOS BY ATTEMPTING TO CLAIM THEY WERE FILMING A MOVIE, WHICH NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVEN BELIEVE HIM. 


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