Grey's Anatomy has a lot of characters who left the show with a hidden reason for that. One of the characters was Lexie Grey. As the actress, Chyler Leigh got tired of her image on the show, she decided to leave. Supergirl`s lover Dr Mark Sloan or McSteamy felt the same way within a year. Eric Dane is now busy with his role on the Last Ship. That is why Shonda Rhimes killed him off the show. Isaiah Washington had a different story. His conflict with TR Knight (who played Dr George O'Malley on screen) got too big and Preston Burke had to leave. Though the actor did not stay without an offer. He successfully joined the 100 show the same year.  Katherine Heigl left the medical drama with a huge scandal. She was hoping for the bigger future but failed to deliver it and now the role of Izzie Stevens is still her biggest achievement. However, Katherine Heigl is trying to get back on her foot, joining the Suits team. We will see how it goes. Kate Walsh left the show for the personal one, which is Private Practice. She continued her role as Addison Montgomery after she left Seatle Grey`s hospital, where she was known as Addison Shepard. Callie Torres left Grey`s Anatomy for the role in Madam Secretary. Sara Ramirez was one of the most loveable actresses in the show. Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins together with Sarah Drew as April Kepner are leaving the medical world after the season 15. It was a shock for fans as well as for actresses themselves. Nathan Riggs appeared on the show not that long time ago but his part is over now. As Shonda said, it was planned that way from the beginning. Too bad, seemed like Nathan could be the next McDreamy for Meredith.

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